Basic measurements:
  • Length
  • Ball
  • Waist
  • Instep
  • Heel
  • Ankle*
  • Calf*
  • Height*
Measurements are made on A4 sheet. Use a ballpoint pen at an angle of 90 to the floor. (If you use a pencil, specify it).
Then place the pen at angle 45 and draw a second outline.
Draw the lines "ball" and "waist". Measure with a measuring tape and write in millimeters.
Get off the sheet of paper.
Measure the distance on the contour from the heel to the finger which is the most prominent. This is the length of the foot, write it down.
If you order high shoes, you also need to measure the ankle, the calf of the leg.
Measurements are made on both legs, without socks, preferably in the evening, when the foot is somewhat larger in volume. If there is a difference between the right and left legs, this should be indicated.
Describe the details - maybe you often feel uncomfortable in new shoes, a big “bone” of the thumb or something else.
Take a picture of both sheets of paper from above, without perspective (at right angles) with dimensions and send to me. Contacts
At the bottom of the photo page they will help you.

Foot placement
Drawing a сontour by holding a ballpoint pen 90° to the floor
Drawing a сontour by holding a ballpoint pen about 60° to the floor
Drawing lines balls and waist
Measurement ball, tape behind the marking line
Measurement waist, tape behind the marking line
Measurement heel
Measurement instep
 Send me a photo of the contours with written measurements (right and left foot).
Please take a picture from above, without perspective.