The client is the basis of everything we create. Its unique attractiveness, absolute comfort and visibility of elegance create the design of our shoes. Here everything begins with the meeting, from the conversation of two people with a mutual passion for the craft. The master listens to the wishes of the customer, taking into account his habits and tastes, and also shares the know-how, communicating and making offers.

What can be considered in the customer's request

  • Model, both top and soles views
  • Top, lining, soles color.
  • Type of soles and mounting method.

The design can be selected from the gallery on the site, by the customer's photo or his drawings.

Shoelast, base for the manufacture of shoes are made under the foot of the client. Measurement is carried out by the master or client on its own, and it is indicated in the form of an order.

First, a couple of shoes are made for the previous item, after the edits for maximum foot comfort are performed directly on the order.